Cleaning out the Books

Bernie asked me when is the last time I cleaned out my books. The numbers on the shelves in our basement are reaching absurdity. What I didn’t say is that I write in my books and I don’t really want to give them away in that condition. I woke this morning thinking, “You used a pencil for a reason…now start erasing.” One book a day…in a month I could rid myself of 30 books.

Today, I pulled off the shelf Mysticism of Now: The Art of Being Alive by Rafael Catala’. I read it in 2019, according to one notation. Judging from the underline texts, I really got a lot out of it. Judging from my life today, much of what I read slipped away before I could grab hold. Here are some of its treasures:

When a student begins to teach what the teacher has taught him, this is called Creative Continuity. (I am thinking this is exactly what the New Testament is.)

As we age, life is no longer measured by years, but by intensity.

We take care of (family, our business, and everything else) because it is the activity of God…then life becomes very simple…”to be about my Father’s business” emerges in us.

God appears as your experience. (I really have to work on this one).

When we come to the end of the road with reasoning, we stop, and then the spiritual fulfillment begins to manifest.

Sit down and meditate…then get on with your day.

SILENCE is an act of service…is the absence of controlling. 

Each one of us is God’s project to be expressed as service. 

The above is only a scant measure of the  wisdom in  this book. I put a note in the book: “This book needs to be given to a seeker…Keep until one comes along.”

I am not sure this is activity booof erasing is going to achieve its purpose.



3 thoughts on “Cleaning out the Books”

    1. Diane and Pat:
      I hear you but you haven’t seen the extent of my markings and notations. If I were to die tomorrow, my children would have to simply burn the books. I use them somewhat like a diary.
      Going through a Dalai Lama book today, I was able to appreciate how valuable the book is for those who are ready to see their egos and let their True Selves emerge. I wrote a note and attached it inside the cover. It will go on my shelf again, but I can now target it when I meet someone who would really benefit from it. Thanks for your comments.

  1. If I were you, I would not erase the underlining or the notes! If you leave them as is, the reading of the book takes on the dimension of a dialogue with the writer, the first reader, and the seeker: all good🦋

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