Exploring New Things

It is fun to explore new things. Last week I bought a piano keyboard and I am expecting a learn-to-play book for adults next week some time. I am hoping playing an instrument will improve my thinking.

Also, I am sick of not contributing that Covid seemed to impose on me. I find myself bored and feeling without any purpose on this earth. I was talking to Bernie about it the other day. I said that I would make a wonderful volunteer to work with kids. In addition to motherhood and grandmotherhood, I had a career in youth ministry and another as a parent educator in early childhood. The Morrison County Record had an article this weekend about the Foster Grandparent Program. I think I will check it out this week.

No more feeling sorry for myself being stuck in these winter days.

2 thoughts on “Exploring New Things”

  1. I am thinking we need to learn to play again. I will let you know how my adventure goes. I belong to a book club that focuses on spirituality books. We have been meeting on zoom…can’t wait until we can see face to face and eat brownies while we talk.

  2. I also hate this Covid stuff still going on…Like you I also feel like. I have no real purpose. Stinks. There is a book club starting so once a month I will go to that. I think there is a small group but I can still wear a mask. Will give me an hour out and just down the street. I also bought a keyboard but not for me. It is for Bill. He loves it and is teaching himself to play. He religiously devoted time to it everyday. I was hoping to bring back some music he learned in his childhood and help with his dementia. I believe it is helping! So good luck with your new adventure. Gotta go back to things we used to do. Weather here is also not cooperating. It was 24 this morning and high 40’s maybe. At least two weeks left of this yet! I’d be interested in knowing how successful you are?

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