Home Again

One last tale about Costa Rica, or rather, the ride home.

I have an issue with my feet, As the podiatrist told me, I have an extra bone embedded in the tendon of my foot arch. A terrible place to have one and every so often, I irritate it and get what you might call pain. When I have pain, I go to icing, drugs and wearing one of those big black boots  and maybe even using a cane. Continue reading Home Again

Costa Rica – Day 10

Last night while Bernie and I ate dinner, we noted another party gathering around the pool area. So far we have witnesses a wedding reception and a baby shower. This party had the most amazing table decorations, large colorful masks of happy faces. The chairs were covered with sheets and gold ribbon. The teen girls in attendance all wore blue dresses and the boys blue ties. Continue reading Costa Rica – Day 10

Costa Rica – Day 9

We have relocated to the Casa Conde Apartotel & Suites in San Jose. It is a lovely place with small apartments, kitchenette etc. Not very useful when you can’t really get to a grocery store to do shopping. But the food in the restaurant is fantastic and there are celebrations going on in the pool area that make fun gawking while sitting at a table in the restaurant. Continue reading Costa Rica – Day 9