Blog Smog

My son, Chris, is my blog master. He helped me get this blog started and continues to mentor me with technical stuff as well as coaching. He told me he never changes a blog. He takes responsibility for what he has written, including blogs he regrets having written. I needed to hear that.

This morning I am thinking about yesterday’s blog on Parenting and Commitment. I don’t think it is a bad blog. I actually agree with it. But there is something untrue about it. I think that it borders on one of my personal boundaries when it comes to sharing ideas. That is, I don’t like to lift up an idea by stomping on those who hold the opposite. Sometimes this is an impossible task. And in trying to stick to the ideal, I end up not sharing my idea at all. I am not sure whose loss that is.

Today I retrieve a crochet hook that I left at a freind’s a few weeks ago. I need it to start crocheting rugs. I have spent hours cutting strips from material I had leftover from quilts I’ve made, connecting these, and rolling these into balls. That is the foundation work. When it comes to blogging, I am still cutting apart old ideas and rolling them into balls.

Political Writing

I started out this morning writing my first political blog. It started out being about economics, personal and national. Then I started writing about  the American Way of Life, then about basic life style and people’s rights. Every time I’d write a sentence, I would think about another side to the idea I was trying to present. I hit “save draft” three times and started  over. I finally gave up and decided to talk about talking about politics.

I have this problem. I am not a person who thinks I know it all, ever. I know that for everything I know there is some idea out there in the universe waiting to correct or even change my thinking. Usually, when I listen to someone talking about politics, I hear something in what they are saying as true, even when I don’t agree 100%. To be nice, I will express my agreement with the one or two ideas I agree with and that usually makes them very happy. But when I share an idea that is contradictory to what they have been saying, I sometimes get stomped on. Then I get defensive, angry, frustrated and will clam up.

As I said, I don’t think I know everything, but I do give my beliefs a lot of thought before I believe them. I do a lot of reading about history and world affairs, listen to a lot of opinions, and weigh ideas against my own developing values. So I like to think my ideas have some worth. I don’t necessarily want a listener to clam up and hope I will go away. That is what I do to them, and frankly, that isn’t all that helpful. What I want is to be heard as a thoughtful person with a considerable amount of life experience and learning with a valid perspective about the affairs of the world.

Clearly I have something to get over in order to be political commentator. I like to talk politics but, like most folks, I feel best talking to people who already agree with me or don’t know one iota and will believe anything.

Early Morning Blog

A friend said to me, “Failure is an event, not a person.” Now, that is a statement that could change a person’s life!

This blog experience is work in progress. I read over old posts and edit them. I don’t mean that I change sentences. I just like correct spellings or reverse words, things like that. One day I was reading a blog to my grandson, Charlie, and realized that I should always read a blog aloud before posting it. It sounded awful.

Blogging is giving me some really great benefits as a writer besides imporving my grammar. I am starting to write actual stories. I wrote two true stories while writing posts that I think are worth considering for other publications. I actually fleshed out my post on the caucus for that purpose. I wrote another that got way too long to post, but it may end up being submitted for publication elsewhere.

Why am I writing this today? Because it is formost in my mind this morning and I am committed to write every day.

This is a go day for me. I have a long list of places to go and people to meet. People fill my soul. They reveal God to me. Hope your day is Godfull.

Thoughts on blogging

I am starting to get comments on my blog. So far very few people know about it, so it surprises me that I should get comments from people I don’t know or don’t recognize. Like one is from Nancy. I know about a dozen Nancys, if you can believe that. So I am looking for some hint as to which one commented on the blog. Another is from “ouiji board”. It includes a scripture passage followed by the word “clue”. I guess that means I should go read the scripture and then I will figure out who the writer is. I will do that later.

Experienced bloggers probably don’t worry about things like this. Am I supposed to answer the people who write on my blog? That feels a little like Facebook, which I have to tell you, I find really annoying. It is like having a party line. For you younger folks that was how telephones first started. People shared their phone lines (actual cords that were stretched from house to house). So if you were talking on the phone to your boyfriend, your neighbor could listen in. I do go to Facebook, however, because it is the only way to know what members of my family are doing.

Blogging feels like journaling then throwing that out to the world, very dangerous.

Blogging feels like writing the first draft of a book and every 3-4 hundred words throwing it out to the world for instant editing. Very dangerous.

Blogging feels like thinking out loud and everybody in the world hearing me. (Wasn’t there a movie out recently with that scenerio?) Very, very dangerous.

If any of you bloggers out there have suggestions, I am open. Meanwhile, I will continue to share bits and pieces of my journal, parts of the book that I may be writing and some of my thoughts.

Today is Sunday. Do you remember that song from the play, “Flower Drum Song”: “Sunday, sweet Sunday, my one day with you.” Wouldn’t that be a great song to sing at the beginning of church service?


This is the beginning of something new in my life. It feels a little like having a column in a newspaper, something I have always thought would be cool but feared big time. But now is the time.

I walked out to greet the sun this morning, a daily ritual of mine. It was slow going because I have this extra bone in my foot that likes to cause me trouble every so often and it is doing so right now. This may seem like a rather mundane thing to be sharing, but really, it has significance to me. Let me explain.

I have a hero. Her name is Peace Pilgrim. She is a real person who walked across the country for peace in the early ’50s. I have read her book, published after her death by her friends. She epitimizes to me what it means to be a peace maker. Well, I guess I have gotten taken in by her journey…the walking journey…thinking how cool it would be to walk the byways of America speaking to folks about what means so much to me. Then God gave me these feet. There are other ways to share a message, I heard. Let your fingers do the walking…remember that message?

Okay! Okay! I got it! So here I am at the starting gate. My son is here from Colorado. He got the blog started. Here you see my first entry. Hello World!